Monday, January 18, 2016

DIY Fake Modular Synth From Monotron Duo and Monotron Delay

I’m slowly working on a pile of unfinished projects from last year. I had played a little with some of the patch points on the Korg  Monotron Duo and Monotron Delay pocket synthesizers. DSCF3867DSCF3869 I had already soldered wires onto the pitch/Vrib connections and ground points. I should have left them on and spliced but… DSCF3871 I picked up this case at the Habitat “Restore” for a couple of bucks.DSCF3876 Some layout work.DSCF3882 I would need to assemble the Monotrons after the bottom shell was screwed to the case so I drilled holes through the battery compartment for screwdriver access.DSCF3885 Lots of wires were cut. If I could do one thing differently I would have used lighter gage wire. I used 22 and I think 24 orlighter would have been easier to deal with.DSCF3886 Solder, solder, solder.DSCF3888 The Vrib connection on the Monotron Duo did not survive desoldering the old wire, so I had to snake a tiny wire (ethernet cable wire, which is what I should have used for everything) around and solder it to the ribbon ZIF socket.DSCF3890 Holes drilled.DSCF3891 Snaking wires. The bottom half of the monotrons are attached to the case with #4 flat head socket cap screws.DSCF3894Held with nuts. DSCF3896 Easy? It takes a lot of care to get the wires massaged into place so the cases can close.DSCF3898 It’s important to label the wires.DSCF3901 #$@%!!!! Oh well. If I end up taking it apart I’ll put the battery covers back on.DSCF3905 Now to solder all the jacks and ground wires. This took a long time and was very boring.DSCF3907 I soldered wires to the battery terminals on both and terminated with crimp connections so I could attach AA battery packs or in the future wire it for a 3V wall wart.DSCF3908 All the grounds connected. I used hook crimps and I wish I’d used eye crimps.DSCF3910 DSCF3913So now I have the two Monotrons mounted and can patch them at will.

As you can hear, it’s sort of annoying but shows promise.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Never Got Around To It, Pt. 2

More orphan pictures.

Yard sale chorus pedal, needed the battery snap repaired.ch1 ch2 ch3

Fixed this Petzl headlamp cord for a friend.petl1

fairyland figures 
Picked up this 80’s Yamaha MIDI sequencer. Some neanderthal had spilled liquid into the buttons so I cleaned them. qx53 qx52

bug3 img_thermal-504692187 wang
A “Baby 10” sequencer that is still sitting on the breadboard 6 months later…DSCF3378 DSCF3439 An audio breakout box. Useful for troubleshooting and synth experiments. Each column is connected.breakout01

This video shows the Baby 10 in action with my hacked Monotrons.

Never Got Around To It, Pt. 1

I have a bunch of half-finished projects, various random vacation pictures, etc. Rather than completely ignoring the blog I thought I would throw them up. I may not even explain them, depending…

Vancouver, Seattle summer vacation:

ahhhh dumping elmo granola horn mustard nonfiction sunyatsen tarts 0706152214

Neskowin summer vacation II:

DSC07208 DSC07218 DSC07225 DSC07227 DSC07236 DSC07244 DSC07251 DSC07272DSC07282 DSC07279 DSC07313 DSC07314 DSC07320

Brooks Steam Up:

annualtractor alf philcab snorkel