Monday, May 29, 2006

A week of moderate action

I just mowed the lawns, and my fingers are vibrating from the DR mower. We have 3.8 acres so I only mowed the front and back of the house proper, and a few trails so that we can go hither and yon at our whim. I hate mowing. Would that I could call in a napalm strike on our property.

Sleepy drinking.

Max and Henry having fun

Mommy sets up the coolest Thomas train track setup ever.

Felice didn't go to the market on Saturday, as it was rainy and quite cold. So instead she set up an Etsy shop. No sales yet...she is on tenterhooks.

I spent some time listing some stuff on Ebay that was getting in my way. I have much more to list that I hope to get to today. Even if it all sells for a pittance at least I don't have to pay to throw it out in the garbage. All this stuff accumulates when I buy a lot at an auction, stuff I didn't want but got with something I did.

We managed to watch Capote, Word Wars, and Match Point this week. All were good, but Word Wars was the most enjoyable of the three, I love a good documentary, and I love Scrabble. I did enjoy Capote more than I thought I was compelling. Match Point was a minor Woody Allen film, technically good, but he covered much of the same ground as he did in Crimes and Misdemeanors which left me wondering why he made this movie. But it was well made and acted.

I have another post to put up on my visit to Steve the locksmiths shop yesterday.

This is one of the best written company histories I have read on a commercial site - too bad the rest of the site is largely useless as yet.

A Steam Robot! That would be a good gift. Not as good as my favorite steambot.

Tips on Designing Cost Effective Machined Parts Would that everyone followed these suggestions...

A free computer game about the Hungarian Independence War of 1848-49 Makes me realize how little I know of European history...


Da Man said...

You are like me, Nick. I hate throwing away used stuff that is still functional or wearable. I did manage to give away a Tweety bird kiddie chair two years ago (my wife said it took up too much space). Perhaps that is the one that ended up in your living room!

Felice Luftschein said...

I hope it wasn't your Tweety chair - it was a tad dirty until we washed it!

Henry loves it...