Saturday, September 09, 2006

Did You Forget My Birthday?

It is my birthday today, I'm 40. Felice is working and my folks are visiting, they're out picking up some food and a cake right now.

Max isn't sure about Tofu.

Henry sticks something on my mom's nose.

It's great for the kids to have the grandparent visits back to back.
Other than my parents visit, nothing much else is happening.

I do have a beginning to my Continostat page up now. Researching an obscure instrument is fun. Once I go through the patents I'll revamp the page and make it more coherent.

McGill University's Biomedical Engineering Dept. has an online guide to their machine shop (McGill didn't accept me as a student way back in 1984, which was probably a good decision on their part)


LizC said...

I think turning 40 is great revenge on your parents. If you feel old at 40, imagine how they feel! At least for my parents, their youngest child is now 40. That has got to sting.

Happy birthday! I hope the cake was yummy.

Rob Tsou said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite tool monger! Hope you had a good one!


Da Man said...

Happy birthday, Nick! Where's the cake & candles picture?

horrox said...

hey nick,
crap, I remembered...and then forgot...your birthday. well happy 40th anyway, belatedly. 40th! geeze, what's that make me...? almost 40 too. argh.