Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Year at the Steamup.

Well we went to the Steamup on Sunday. The weather was perfect.

Max doesn't see the toy Beetle at the flea market.

Some steam tractors.

Tractor driving rednecks love country music and Yakisoba.

Ready to drive with a bellyfull of noodles.

Max scored the firemans hat for free.

Henry and I ride the tiny train.

Big man, tiny train.

Yarding scale logs.

Up ahead a train derailed.

Jenny overtakes us.

Henry and I enjoy the breeze as we ride the streetcar.

On the streetcar.

Showing a boy how to use a bazooka.

A scout car.

Felice will not buy me one for my birthday.

A Hong Kong trolley car.

The old electric trolley moves along.

Max drives the Caterpillar.

Another year, another picture in front of the huge bulldozer.

1936 Cord

Max heads off to have a look.

A nice old engine.

G scale trains.

Gregg has his engines on display.

His pump.

Graduated engines.

Max ate some sort of horrific shaved ice that made him cyanotic.

Riding the rails...


Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

Looks like some good family fun! :)

Also, thanks for forcing me to look up cyanotic....I like it when a blog teaches me new words!

Have a good week blogger friends!

John Bear Ross said...

Nice BAR, Nick!


Lizard said...

how does your friend feel about you showing his, um, pump on the blog?

and the cyanosis pic cracked me up.