Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fixing an Annoyance on my South Bend 10K Lathe

I love my South Bend 10K lathe. There's been one small issue that has bugged me since I set it up, the switch mount is a little low and obscures the quick change gearbox plate.

Looking down you can see that the switch obscures the gearbox.

The switch mount also prevents full travel of my dial indicator, when working right up against the headstock.

I unplugged the motor (!) and removed the switch box.

I drilled two holes to clear a 1/4" screw and tapped two others 1/4"-20. You can see my precise pencil layout marks.

The plate screwed to the lathe.

With the switch mounted in the new position I can now read the gearbox plate and use a long travel indicator without the stem fouling on the mount.

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