Monday, June 21, 2010

Leaky Hose Nozzle

Our old Italian hose nozzle was leaking and was clogged.


The nozzle. I like writing “nozzle”. It’s a funny word.


The barrel unscrews from the nut that retains it.


Full of rust and the two rubber seals/o-rings were hard.


The 2/3 steel clip was malleable and easily removed. The metal (not sure what alloy, didn’t look at it closely) washer is important. I wire brushed the corrosion and minerals off of the stem.


I scavenged in my o-ring collection for suitable replacements.


Everything back in place, lubed with petroleum jelly. The barrel was screwed back on and it works 99% as good as new. The tension on the nut is important, too tight and you can’t easily adjust the flow by hand. You can tighten it up to the point where it binds then back it off just to the point where it adjusts easily.

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