Friday, February 19, 2010

Energy Efficient

We received a card saying that we could receive free testing and sealing of our heating ducts. A quick check with the power company confirmed it and we made an appointment.

A nice guy (also working on his Masters degree at OSU) showed up and got to work. He sealed off the front and hooked up fans and gages.

I felt a pang of sympathy as I hate going into the "attic". The guy found multiple problems and was working until about 7:30 at night. End result was our duct air leakage going from 250 CFM to around 50 CFM. That should save us money.

We also bought a new front loader clothes washer. The old one was on its last legs.

The new drain hose was smaller in diameter than the old one which left space for air to get into the house.

I took two pieces of plywood, butted the edges and drilled a hole at the edges.

Some weatherstripping and we'll paint it in the summer.

Now for other pics.

Henry with one of his latest Lego creations.

He put a small flashlight inside the vehicle.

So it lights up the dark.

Max is a bit obsessed with those Big Mouth Billy Bass talking fish. So we made a paper frame for his head. That's his impression of a talking fish.

It kept him in place for toothbrush time.

Here's Kent working on something at shop night.

Drilling the end of a long piece of flat stock.

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pete lexy said...

better watch that beard! a friend of mine got his long hair too close to a center finder, he was bald on 1/4 of his hear for a while. just pulled the hair right out, no blood or anything, aside from where his head banged against the mill.