Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm a Twit

Way back at the dawn of the internet, well 1998 or so, there was a network called ZDTV. ZDTV became TechTV. I used to watch it often. It had many shows that helped me get up to speed with the new technology of the internet. The anchor of TechTV was a guy named Leo Laporte.

Then in 2004 TechTV was bought by Comcast, moved to LA and gutted. Sad times. So I went for many years without a TV technology fix. A few months ago my Roku box added the Twit Netcast Network. So I checked it out and found that many of the old TechTV people were on this new internet network, started by Leo Laporte. (besides Twit there's also Revision3 which has some of the other guys, like Patrick Norton)

It's worth noting that non-techie Felice likes watching them as well, which says that they are somehow making tech accessible to non-nerds.

So While watching some of these new shows through the miracle of high speed internet I decided it would be fun to make a pair of earrings with the TwitTV logo and send them as a gift of thanks, as my ability to use the computer for jewelry design and production is partially due to the lessons learned from watching all those old shows. Unfortunately it's harder than I expected to figure out where to send them. I may end up listing them on Etsy and waiting for them to sue me:) (gratuitous emoticon).

Anyway, here's how I made the die and earrings:

The Taig CNC mill set up with a block of aluminum for the die.

The Mach3 screen showing the toolpath.

Milling the die.

The die as milled.

Cleaned up with a disk of silver next to it. Note that the logo is reversed.

My stamping press and an old laptop running Puppy Linux so I can listen to podcasts on Twit!

Stamped disk.

The finished earrings. Because of my use of computers I can prototype and make dies quite rapidly.

I'll keep you updated if I ever figure out how to send them to Twit. I figure they can give them away, auction them for charity or something. I probably should have thought this out further.
EDIT: Success, managed to get in touch and get their address!

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you've got the cool toys.