Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Max Is Six

Max turned 6 on Sunday. We had a party in the Philomath City Park. It was cold and blustery but didn’t rain.


Kids frolicking on the playground.


It was rather windy so Kiko held up the cake box lid to shield the candles. As an aside, Kiko Denzer is an author of many books on earth ovens and other earth art and building projects and Ryan Mayfield (he of the moustache in the back) is the author of Photovoltaic Design and Installation For Dummies. I really need to write a book.


Max blows out the candles.


Kids eating cake.


Aidan tries to break the piñata. Notice the children don’t have blindfolds…this is as much for our sakes as theirs.


Max and Eben playing.


allson cecil said...

Looks like it was a fun day!!! Seriously who doesn't love a piñata!!

Brandon said...

Not raining is usually an excellent day in Oregon.

I would totally buy your book, btw.