Saturday, April 09, 2011

Small Side Projects

Just some fun/needed projects I’ve done lately.

04021101 A friend gave me two old beige mid tower ATX cases. I painted one black and decided to add some ventilation slots (this is the same case I punched the fan vent hole in) as the existing vent was minimal.


Nothing fancy, just did it by eye.

04041106 It needs some front bay covers still. 04041107

I also forgot to paint the reset button. More work is needed. 04041108 My growing pile of PC parts.


The glass knobs I bought (from the Habitat for Humanity store) kept separating from the metal stem. Terrible glue job. 04041102

So I pulled them all off.


Use the lathe to remove most of the old adhesive and turn the rim to the same angle as the glass, for a better bond.

04041104 It wasn’t that exciting. 04041105

Some 2 ton epoxy and they are happily joined. the problem seems solved.

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Adrian Baird Ba Than said...

Fabricating stuff from scratch is great but it's these little jobs that make having a lathe & mill so handy.Nice work.