Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Garage Sale Toolblogging

Rather than work all day, we started the morning by going to two garage sales.

Henry shows off the #2 Arbor press I bought for $5.00

A $20.00 Baldor bench grinder. I love Baldor grinders and already have two that I bought new. This one looks a bit rough but runs smooth as silk and just needs a little TLC.

We bought several boxes of model train stuff. This is a whole box full of G scale LGB train track. $5.00!

A few tools, clockwise from left bottom: Lufkin automatic center punch (missing point, but I had a spare, don't you have spare auto center punch points?), blacksmith tongs, Metalmitre die set, wire stripper and tiny crescent wrench.

The die set. What is it for, how do you use it?

Oh, look at that, I remembered I had a metalmitre tool with a 90 deg. knew I was a degenerate tool addict, didn't you?

And this new one fits...

It makes a neat little notch. No information about what this notch is used for, but hey, at least I can make one now...

A 3D Milk Scanner
An Australian Ornamental Woodturning Forum

Old (and priced for collectors!) Children's Books. I met these nice people at a potluck on Sunday night and we had a nice chat about the joys of making a living online.

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