Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lazy Sunday Morning

Just some random blogging today.

Look at all the countries I have had visitors from over the last year!

Steve the Locksmith was trying to peddle two surplus tonometers he procured as payment for a locksmithing job. I resisted the impulse to take up the assessment of intraocular pressure.

Neat gadgets, and it was hard to turn them down...Greg resisted as well.

Chris and Shelley and Aleah are doing hard labor on our land. Their goats and llama have eaten the last bit of their land bare, so they are going to put them in our woods.

Ahh, the excitement of extreme fencepost pounding.

Ready for another one, only 50 more to go. Seriously, what excellent neighbors. They do all the work and the goats eat all the brambles. We get a cleared out woods, which means we can once again walk through and look at our trees. I guess I'll have to take some pics of the trees as well for next time.

We had a great morning on Etsy, this is one of my favorite new customers.

Some links I've saved up:
Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc. "Cast Your Own Blocks - Build Your Own Castles" is an excellent site if you like to make, um, miniature castles...

A great site on modding and restoring Hot Wheels. I repaired one of Henry's Hot Wheels but forgot to take pics of the process, so this will have to do.

Here's another step by step Hot Wheels restoration.

Pipedia, a pipe Wiki.

I accidentally (surfed to CMT at channel 165 instead of CCTV at 265) found out about Shooter Jennings, Waylon Jennings son. I enjoy this type of the videos if you like Southern Rock...

Have a great Labor day!


Inkygirl said...

Hey, thanks for the link. :-)

Da Man said...

My kids are playing with the same Hot Wheels that I played with as a kid over 35 years ago. Amazing, isn't it? First that they lasted so long, and second that I actually kept them! Just wait until they get their hands on my HO train set (Santa Fe RR).

I suspect that Henry and Max are probably playing with some of your old toys as well.

Felice Luftschein said...

Check the prices on Ebay for some of the vintage (60's-70's) Hot Wheels. You may be sitting on some hundred dollar cars - sell one and buy the boys a bunch (or give a boost to the college fund)...the ones with the red sidewalls on the tires are collectable...