Monday, September 17, 2007

Henry's Latest Photographic Output

Henry is prolific with his camera, here are some typical works, with his captions.

"This one is called Lego Bridge but I wasn't done with it. I have to take more pictures of it if someone wants to buy it when I die."

"I call it Lego Bricks"

"Wormy worm, he's my friend and his name is name is squonky donky pepito and that's his last name."


"His tail."

"Max's toy that I don't use anymore."

"Baggy Bear, he's my friend and he wakes me up in the morning."
"My knocked over trains from Max. I don't very remember."

"Your lamp."

"You, dad."


Genghis said...

Please tell me you use the flourescent because you are too lazy to change lightbulbs not to reduce your carbon footprint.

Felice Luftschein said...

CPI had a promotion where you got 3 bulbs for $1.00. The main reason is to reduce load on our already overloaded circuits, and to save money. They don't last any longer than incandescents though.

Rob Tsou said...

I love the last picture! You look like an exhibit, "Please, no flash photography!"

Felice Luftschein said...

Yes at the Met, showing a period room...american rotting ranch circa 2007...

Inkygirl said...

These photos are wonderful (and so is the commentary). :-)