Tuesday, April 29, 2008

And This is Probably Why We Have Mouse Problem...

The kids tend to leave food scraps around the house, being less concerned with housekeeping than we are.

Henry decided to feed the cat, "So he'll trace the food". Now Fidel does catch mice from time to time, but he's getting old and selective in his hunting.

I might as well show you a taste of things to come. I bought the kids one of those "10 Arcade Games" controllers you plug into the TV. I told them it was an X Box. It's amazing how quickly they got the hang of playing these old school games.
One of my Taig customers let me know that he had published the 3rd edition of his book, "The Tiniest Guns". I bought a copy and it is a wonderful read. He catalogues all of the miniature guns past and present, and shows how to make and research them. Buy a copy, you'll enjoy it! Just don't put your eye out.

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Da Man said...

I love that "X Box"! I may have to pull that trick. Those new video game consoles and games are too expensive.