Saturday, April 12, 2008

George's Rear Window Louvers

George, who has modified and augmented every piece of hardware on his Geo Metro, showed me his latest work, an internally mounted rear window louver (or is it louvers?).

Pretty classy!

You can see how the vertical struts have holes reminiscent of aircraft framework.

He sawed, sanded and filed the curves by hand.

The top just snaps in place with those two brackets.

He has a small gap between the window and the louver so the defroster doesn't get screwed up.

The slotted elements are retained by ball bearings. He used slingshot ammo.

He said that you just spring the strip away from the hole and snap the ball in.

The sides, rather than using balls, are peened over to hold the strips.

The only place it is bolted is at the bottom to the brake light.

You can see George's hat...

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Rob Tsou said...

That is awesome! If I had the time, I probably still wouldn't do it but I love that craftsmanship.