Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Building a Worse Mousetrap

Yes, we're the sort of people who live trap mice, rather than killing them...so for many years we've used a Victor "Tin Cat" mouse trap. We're dealing with a bit of a mouse problem right now, so I thought I'd buy another mousetrap for my shop.
I bought a small plastic live trap, also made by Victor, the last time we were are Home Depot. It has caught several mice, but I noticed that they had been chewing on the plastic a bit.

The two traps.

Well, I caught a mouse late in the evening after setting the trap out in my shop that afternoon. Since it was late I figured I'd wait until morning to release it off in the woods. That morning I picked up the trap and the mouse was gone. I don't know how it squeezed out exactly, but as you can see it had chewed up the plastic baffles in many places.

And around the edge.

This is how I think it escaped, by chewing the baffle by the door completely away.

Anyway, I'll send an annoying email to the Victor people letting them know that they have succeeded in undoing the Moore's Law like progress in mousetraps with this design.

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