Monday, June 13, 2011

I Cleaned Max’s Keyboard


How-To Geek just posted on cleaning your keyboard in the dishwasher. I decided it was time to clean Max’s keyboard. As you can see it’s somewhat filthy.


Ok, it’s disgusting. But what do you want, he’s 6 and has been using it for at least 3 years.


I took apart the keyboard. I decided to not use the dishwasher and instead manually wash it. I only cleaned the top half as one of the commenters in the How-To Geek article suggested. The bottom half I just wiped clean with a damp rag. I scrubbed all the keys and surfaces with a toothbrush and dish soap. After that I hosed it off outside. I shook all the water out and allowed it to air dry.


I’m glad I didn’t put it in the dishwasher as I almost lost the clear plastic bezel for the LEDs. I found it sitting on the ground outside.


Much better.


See the difference? Now to clean the rest of our keyboards.