Monday, January 12, 2015

New Shop Progress.

Here are some more pictures taken between the 6th of December and now. Construction by Pacific Timbercraft.insulation1 Insulation.shop12111401 A sunny day shows off the siding.shop12111402 Nice brackets.shop122214010 Drywall.shop12221401 In process.door0115Garage Door from Applegate Door.01061501Insulation being blown in by Home Insulation Contractorsshop01071501 Felice and I gravelled a temporary/permanent path.01091501 French doors. Need handles.01121501 Here we are today…01121502 Behind the green door…01121503 01121504 The neighbor dropped off a surplus hospital cart for the new shop. I set up a stereo and PC so we could have tunes for the next stage of work.01121505 01121506 01121507 01121508 01121509 01121510 01121511 01121512 There are 20 LED spotlights in the ceiling. If they were incandescents it would burn 2000 watts an hour, with LED it’s about 220W. Bought them for $6.99 each from our local electric company, CPI. 01121513 Two Cadet heaters, one 2KW, the other 1.5KW for heat. They only are needed for very cold days. 01121514