Sunday, January 27, 2008

Henry Is Still Taking Pictures

Found that Henry had 120 pics on his camera card, here's a few to peruse. As always, pictures taken by Henry and laconic comments by Henry.

Carrier truck and tow truck.

Me, screaming.



You can just call yourself Nick.

Fidel on the couch, looking at me, looking at the camera.


Mommy and Max and Daddy, Nick and Max and Felice.

Two X's, bottom of the table.

Juice, just juice, three juices.

Refrigerator, the high one, what's that called?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Like the "i" in "pencil"

We thought we'd have a bit of a break, but that hasn't happened. So we work and work.
I finished some new dies for geeky earrings, this time in a linguistic vein.

The Schwa
Yes, it's an upside down "e", but I designed it start to finish upside down. That's "Design" for you.

Exclamation Mark

Question Mark

Still more dies, more CNC work to do.

My dad emailed me a picture of my great, great grandfather Aaron Carter's Brooks Brothers bill from 1864:

He says, "Aaron bought
Pants $10.00
Coat $22.00
Shirt $ 3.50
Sack (suit) $43.00

Note also the date of the bill. Apparently Brooks sent quarterly bills like a London tailor on the ecclesiastical schedule.
Note also the 2 cent stamp tax on bank checks collected by the U.S. Internal Revenue."

Looking at Brooks Brothers online, it seems that a pair of pants will now set you back about $150-$200. Instapundit recently remarked on some unfortunate and hilarious fashion in the latest catalog.

Thanks for giving me something to blog about, dad!

In other news, I set up a new Dell Vostro for Felice, so she doesn't have to steal time on my computer. It was a bit of an ordeal that involved getting new grounded outlets for the "dining room" (those who have been to our house know that it is such a room in name only), as well as running network cable, loading software, getting network permissions set up, etc.

Now that Netflix has unlimited "Watch it Now", Felice can work at her desk and watch movies or TV at the same time.

On the subject of Netflix, I am extremely peeved that they removed their "Releasing this Week" page. It is still up (but not linked from the New Releases page or anywhere else on Netflix), although no one is sure if it will continue to exist in the future. I called Netflix to complain, and I urge you to as well, if you're a movie nut like me. I do still love Netflix though.

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I recently watched Things to Come on TCM, not a bad little sci-fi movie.