Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Shop Update

Been a while, but I’ve been busy moving into the new shop. I’m about 90% moved in now. Here are some pictures taken over the past two months.

shop01221501 DSC05954 DSC05960 DSC05970 Taking shape…lathebenchcontents1 The entire contents of the drawers under my lathe…shellves Shelves4x6shelf This took me all day, to build one shelf unit.drillpresses Drill presses.obfuscated Toolboxes.monitors Dual monitors for Felice.DSC06133 CNC mills.DSC06135Screws and such.DSC06138 Getting lamps mounted.stockrack01 Stock rack made from scrap generated by all the benches and shelves.DSCF3196
More screw storage.