Sunday, May 08, 2022

Since the last time...

 Just catching up.

I sold a Radio Shack Mini Color Computer on Ebay, played around with it some.

Made a probe to determine the depth of the water in our well.

Went to the coast on a lovely day.

I bought some seeds at the end of February. I grew the King Ka Ae Hobak last year and it's delicious.

Set up a PC to wipe a bunch of old drives before recycling.

Printed an adapter plate that allows manual use of a CNC ready Sherline lathe. 

The cat likes the catnip in the garden.

Made a cold frame for hardening off plants. This has been a cold spring.

Went to Lumos for a friend's birthday at the end of April.

Repaired an old folding stool by making a new steel clip.

Apple blossoms and walking onions.

Sunday, February 06, 2022

February Catchall

 Just some pics from the last 3 months.

I made Sriracha from peppers from the garden.

I smoked some tofu, peppers and cheese in this smoker I got from a friend. The cheese got a bit melty but still tasted great.

I built the latest CHA/V 3.0 and VGA4EVA Video synth.

Henry and I desoldered and then soldered in new mechanical switches for his keyboard.


I 3D printed a terminal cover for a RT65-b power supply (used on the Eurorack synth)

Made a fun noise module from scratch.


Some dongles I found as I was going through stuff to sell on Ebay.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to.