Saturday, October 30, 2021

Ryobi 40V Jet Fan Blower Fan Coupler Fix

My Ryobi 40V leaf blower stopped blowing yesterday. The motor sounded like it was spinning but the visible fan blade would only rotate slowly. A quick consult with Dr. Google turned up a few youtube videos of people who had had this problem. One solved it by using a small R/C motor coupling, which also had a well done teardown. The other gooped in a bunch of JB Weld as a fix. Both worked. So I tore mine down to see what was what. I didn't do a detailed teardown, it's trivial to disassemble, but watch that first video I linked to.

All the screws are the same size which is nice.

Ryobi uses these weird offset silicone pieces to retain bearings and springs. I don't like it.

Square shaft for the blower end.

The only other screws are these long motor screws.

The coupler is a 1" long piece of plastic. One end has a square hole for the fan, the other a D shaped hole for the motor shaft. Ryobi does not sell this part, which I consider immoral.

The D hole has been wallowed out round, which is why it's not working. Thankfully the square hole was fine.
I made a bunch of measurements and will be drawing it up in CAD for 3D printing a replacement should it be needed. In the meantime (hopefully it will last forever) I simply tapped in the side of the coupling for a #8-32 setscrew. I used a form tap which should snugly hold the screw and keep it from backing out. This should work for any coupling which just had the D hole rounded out. If the square hole is wallowed out you would probably need 2-4 setscrews that were adjusted so you could just slip it onto the square shaft. This would be a lot harder to get to work well.
It went back together and now it blows again.