Sunday, May 16, 2021

You'll See Summer Come Again

 Look at that, another post in under 6 months. I'm nothing if not prolific. Just a picture dump of what I've been up to.

A guard for the power button on the Brother laser printer. The cat would sit on it and hold the button down inadvertently which disconnects the printer from the network. Used my new Prusa Mini for it.

Made a Barton VC Multiplexer.

We had snow for a day in late January.

We Gave away our trampoline, Felice couldn't find the spring-hooking tool, so I made one, just as I finished she came into the shop and told me she had found it.

The slip nut for the kitchen sink drain disintegrated.

Started gardening again...

Started some sweet potatoes.

Expanded the's now 48' x 24'

Made this little wire weeding tool.

Western Fence Lizard lives in the cardboard covering my compost pile.

Soldier Beetle guarding the fava beans.

I started making kimchi. Felice likes it.