Sunday, September 17, 2006

Well here are some more pictures from my parents visit.

I express an emotion while opening a card.

Max shows us where his nose is.

Here's a cake picture for James, even if Felice hates it.

Total chaos while arranging a family picture. I like this better anyway.

Henry says, "No More Pictures!"

Max explores the fascinating world of geometry with a pair of tongs.

Henry peels and cores an apple. For pie. Mmmm. pie....

I added a bunch more pictures to the (insane) Continostat page. Not much left to do other than organize, muse and track down a couple of journal articles at the OSU library.

I have been looking for a better computer chair, since it seems that all I do is sit all day. Any recommendations? I could use a good chair at a cheap price. While surfing I found this anti-Aeron page.

Via Boing-Boing, comes this list of exclaimations used by Captain Haddock.

Here is a French model engineering site.

The Sightseer's guide to Engineering.

Solid Edge now has a free 2D drafting program.

Another great timewaster from Google. (via a Chequer Board of Nights and Days)

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Did You Forget My Birthday?

It is my birthday today, I'm 40. Felice is working and my folks are visiting, they're out picking up some food and a cake right now.

Max isn't sure about Tofu.

Henry sticks something on my mom's nose.

It's great for the kids to have the grandparent visits back to back.
Other than my parents visit, nothing much else is happening.

I do have a beginning to my Continostat page up now. Researching an obscure instrument is fun. Once I go through the patents I'll revamp the page and make it more coherent.

McGill University's Biomedical Engineering Dept. has an online guide to their machine shop (McGill didn't accept me as a student way back in 1984, which was probably a good decision on their part)