Monday, July 31, 2006

Steaming, steam up.

The mess on my bench - I need to clean my shop...

Henry vacuums the couch.

Henry imitates daddy.

Large numbers of children and parents seeking air conditioned relief in our house last week.

Max at the Steam Up.

Henry and Daddy and a big caterpillar.

Madonna, child, stationary engine.

Driving a fire truck. See all the Steam Up pictures here.

Earlier in the week Kent and I went to an auction. It wasn't that interesting but on the way back we had a nice view of Mount Adams as we took the scenic route. All I bought were a few vises and some Pomalux.

Museum of Retro Technology

A German Watchmakers Shop

A mobile machine shop

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pickle Lickers

Henry and Max engage in some pickle licking. Max ate his pickle, but Henry just licked the juice off of his, and then asked for another.

Patty cake?

Halloween in July. Henry likes to dress up sometimes, especially in his halloween costumes.


Very little going on in the doldrums. Felice is trying to decide whether to sell at the market this weekend, the temperature is forecast to be 103...

I received the August/September issue of "Machinist's Workshop" (Vol 19, #4), which has my article "1-2-3...Nuts!" inside. Yay. For those who read this and subscribe, let me know what you think.

We managed to watch 2 DVDs this week, "The Matador" and "Shopgirl".
The Matador was a good, quirky little conversation movie about a washed up assassin. I would recommend it, and the characters seemed realistic, I found the amorality of the Pierce Brosnan character on the mark (his language was terrible!) and Greg Kinnear was (intentionally) boring without being condescendingly written as such.
I liked Shopgirl better when it was called "Lost in Translation". Ok, it was pretty well done, but I had little interest in the vapid characters. Do people in LA not have hobbies or interests? Beyond "art" or whatever. Here's a tip for scriptwriters - give your characters some depth beyond being "rich" or "artists", sometimes they might have budgeregars, or collect spoons or something. People talk about things, they don't just sort of stammer and immediately talk about their relationships...

Some links:
Images, Artwork and Historical Objects at the US Naval Observatory

3D Anaglyph Maker I have been making some anaglyphs from my Rhino renders.
And Stereomoviemaker for 3D

Rockler Woodworking Blog

The NIST Rotating-Wheel Based Refreshable Braille Display
And Choosing a Refreshable Braille Display

The 1871 US Korea conflict.

Storm Large is now on the CBS show Rockstar

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Time to post some more cute!

I have time to post some more cute pictures.

Gardening with Max.

I'm not really sure what he's trying to express here.

Max & daddy before bedtime.

Henry shows off his cool dance moves.

Henry painting a picture for his new cousin Harold. Like all good artists he has an assistant in Max, to do the filler.

Henry says it's a painting of a rainstorm.

We are off to a potluck adoptive families picnic this late afternoon. The week was uneventful.
For the potluck I am going to make Gye ran mal ee, or rolled egg. I found a few different recipes:
Gye ran mal ee #1
Gye ran mal ee #2
Gye ran mal ee #3
A also tried out Google's translate this page, and while this recipe makes great surrealist poetry in the translated version, I was not able to understand it enough to follow the recipe.

While searching I also came across a new english language Korean food blog.

My other discovery this week was an intriguing tape I bought for 25 cents at the local thrift store. I am too lazy and poor to follow music much, or to buy many CDs, so when I see something cheap and odd I do buy it on the off chance it will lead me into something I like. The tape is "Systeme D" by Les Rita Mitsouko. As is the case with most odd french artists, I love the music and now want to buy all of their CD's (when I can find them used & cheap). The tape is unfortunately decomposing with each play, so I will need to replace it.

Finally, this is the kind of story I find fascinating. I do hope they make a movie of it.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Henry-fest

Here are some pictures of Henry from the past week...

Fallen asleep at the computer.

Swimming at the Philomath pool

Playing with real Legos, for the first time

Pitting cherries

This is the cherry crisp I made last night from the cherries Henry pitted. All of our cherry trees are covered in fruit this year, which is great. There are few desserts better than a warm cherry crisp with vanilla ice cream. Speaking of cherries, check out the taiwanese ad from the link...

As for the rest of us, not much going on, we had a boring 4th (except for the cherry crisp) as it rained most of the day.

Here are some links:
180 wrapped tubes

The Rothschild Petersen Patent Model Museum
(you can buy some models on Ebay)

An engineering challenge

An interesting lathe follow rest

The local organic farm, about a mile away.

Mainichi News has Manglish - Manga in English

What Canadians think about everything - quiz