Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pickle Lickers

Henry and Max engage in some pickle licking. Max ate his pickle, but Henry just licked the juice off of his, and then asked for another.

Patty cake?

Halloween in July. Henry likes to dress up sometimes, especially in his halloween costumes.


Very little going on in the doldrums. Felice is trying to decide whether to sell at the market this weekend, the temperature is forecast to be 103...

I received the August/September issue of "Machinist's Workshop" (Vol 19, #4), which has my article "1-2-3...Nuts!" inside. Yay. For those who read this and subscribe, let me know what you think.

We managed to watch 2 DVDs this week, "The Matador" and "Shopgirl".
The Matador was a good, quirky little conversation movie about a washed up assassin. I would recommend it, and the characters seemed realistic, I found the amorality of the Pierce Brosnan character on the mark (his language was terrible!) and Greg Kinnear was (intentionally) boring without being condescendingly written as such.
I liked Shopgirl better when it was called "Lost in Translation". Ok, it was pretty well done, but I had little interest in the vapid characters. Do people in LA not have hobbies or interests? Beyond "art" or whatever. Here's a tip for scriptwriters - give your characters some depth beyond being "rich" or "artists", sometimes they might have budgeregars, or collect spoons or something. People talk about things, they don't just sort of stammer and immediately talk about their relationships...

Some links:
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Storm Large is now on the CBS show Rockstar


Anonymous said...

"People talk about things, they don't just sort of stammer and immediately talk about their relationships"

A clear case of transference of geekdom upon the masses in general- most people do just stammer and chat about their relationships.

Being a complete and unabashed geek, I collect spoons and pick budgeregars.

Tell Felice to steer clear of that overheated den of hippies.

Hi to Max and Henry, and best regards to all.
Marcus B.

Anonymous said...

i think you should try breaking into the movie review business somewhere. maybe the 2 word reviews would catch on.
when will hollywood come to its senses and make a movie about you?