Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Some Random Links and Notes

Just links and such I’ve been saving up for the past few months.

This is the best product I have bought all year:
A case of 24 Anchor Hocking 16 oz Mixing Glasses from Amazon. Made in the USA, heavy duty and great design. Why they even make any other glasses is beyond me.

I have watched 112 episodes of Potato Star on Hulu. I worry that I may become addicted to Korean sitcoms. I also enjoyed the maximum food porn of Let’s Eat.

I installed the Tomato firmware on one of my WRT54GL routers to provide a non-internet-connected network for the two XP machines that run the Taig CNC mills. Another PC is hooked up to that network and my main LAN (different subnet) as a go-between. It’s not a good idea to have XP machines hooked up to the internet anymore, generally.

A great article on using Autoruns for troubleshooting malware and other issues. I wish I’d started using Autoruns sooner as it really is so much better than Msconfig.

MozBackup is a handy tool for easily backing up Thunderbird profiles (including all of your email).

It is extremely easy to install a LAMP server in Xubuntu.

Seamless Remote Linux Desktop in Windows which works well with the LAMP server…I have a PC set up in our storage shed that I use for learning web design as well as replacing the 60 watt bulb that previously fought back the damp.

Wonderful Amp Hour podcast interview with Forrest Mims from last November.

Hate those viral church sign pictures your idiot friends post on Facebook and think are real? Make your own to shame them.

Online compass museum.

Automated online cryptogram solver.

Free Typewriter fonts.

Mr. Modemhead’s blog, lots of DMM repairs better than mine.

Screw-Thread Cutting by the Master-Screw Method since 1480 by Edwin A. Battison