Monday, May 19, 2008

An interesting way to make a washer...

I came across this article a while back, outlining a technique for making shim washers. I posted the results of its use on my airgun blog but figured it would also have applications in jewelry making that might interest some people.

Some copper sheet is placed in a disc cutting die (this is actually a shim punching die, but there is no difference)

A transfer punch (this one's a nice Oldak, but any type will work) punches a divot in the center.

It's important that you not shift the stock at all...

The OD (outside diameter) of the washer is punched out, I use an arbor press instead of hammering.

The disc.

I then insert the disc in the die again, and align it to the ID (inside diameter) hole with another transfer punch. Then you punch out the ID just as you did the OD

This is a set of fractional transfer punches.

The washer...the hole was within about .004" of center, which is pretty good!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot and Bothered

Ok, mainly hot! It's about 95 degrees right now.

Henry is enjoying a popsicle.

The rhododendron is blooming for the first time, ever.

The UPS driver is wearing shorts.
Then again, he's always wearing shorts. I, on the other hand, was blinding people with my unclad, porcelanous, legs when I went out to do errands today. First day I broke down and used the AC in the car as well.

I've been way too busy to blog here lately. I was involved in a long project on the airgun blog, as well as more custom silhouettes (will it ever end?) and some new modelling work on the braille display. Some of the work is open source, you can see some examples here and here. It's fun to be back at that job. Then there's the normal work selling machine tools too!

Here's an interesting telegraphy site.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Sunday Hike

The weather was (and still is) beautiful today, so we went for a hike up Bald Hill.

It starts on a long paved trail from the parking lot.

The hill, she is somewhat bald, no?

Henry and I steamed up the hill while Felice and Max ambled.

The woods are cool and green.

Marys Peak still has some snow.

Those people were having a loud discussion about "Iron Man".

Looking towards our house, which is hidden behind the small brown rise in the center.

Southeast into the valley.

We tried to take some family pictures.

The girl behind me was writing secrets in her diary.

We all enjoyed a juice box.

That housing development is relatively new.

No, it's not an elliptical UFO, but an attempt to show that through the haze you could just make out snow on the Cascades.

A beautiful flower. What is it? I have no idea.

Beware of things trying to eat you!

All the people in this picture were using their cell phones. The one on the left was having a gregariously emphatic conversation in Russian.

Anyway, we're a bit exhausted from the moderate exercise but had a lovely time out in nature.