Friday, December 02, 2016

Latest Repairs

My friend Ken sent me his favorite shaving mirror which had become bent and broken. drilled the join and used wire inside and tube outside with plenty of J-B Weld epoxy. Not pretty but it works and looks like it used to and shouldn’t break.kbm01kbm02kb02kb03kb4kb5kb01kenmirror19 kenmirror20
I made a nice apple crisp. 
I bought a Yamaha SY77 synthesizer at a yard sale for $20, it was a bit beat up and the keys were all loose because of a previously attempted repair by some other shade tree mechanic. I used some telephone switchboard contact bending tools to get them bent back into contact.contacts1
My headphones fell off the desk and broke. Standard wire rebar & epoxy fix as with the mirror.hp1hp2hp3hp4hp10hp12hp13
I re-soldered the cap on a friend’s stained glass lampshade. I learned a lot about why repairing stained glass lampshades is no fun at all. But it should hold. No pics of the repair because I’m not excited about the method used both originally and in my repair of soldering the cap to the ring around the top of the shade. It doesn’t seem like it will hold long term as it had broken before at the solder joins. If it breaks again I’ll devise a mechanical fix.IMG_5504IMG_5505