Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Cleaning

Just a few random pictures and links from December so far. We’ve been absolutely hammered with orders in our Etsy shop (which is wonderful!) so I haven’t had any time for projects or much of anything else.
I did finally start playing around the with Attiny 45 and 85 chips, programming with an Arduino. More on this after the new year.
I had to diagnose a malfunctioning cassette player for Max’s teacher.
4 screws to remove the back.
A couple more to remove the circuit board and the culprit was found, a broken drive belt. I found a “close enough” replacement in my pile of miscellaneous drive belts and the player works.
Henry turned 9 on the 30th of November. We had a big party at the Wacky Bounce.
Some links: