Saturday, January 27, 2018

Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Case

Yay, new hobby/midlife crisis. Slowly putting together a eurorack format modular synthesizer. The case is the first bit you need. casebuild01casebuild02casebuild03
Rails from Synthrotek. I wish they had measured drawings.

Meanwell RT65-b power supply. Busboard was from a random Ebay auction.

Milled a slot so I can slip in more nuts without disassembling the case.

casebuild10Fine tuning the rear panel after mounting the power supply, so covered everything with plastic.

The wood is from a 1x8 I found laying in the road. It has insect damage and checking.casebuild14

I finished in early November 2017.

This is how many modules I’ve built since. I’m buying PCBs for various modules and then sourcing components and soldering them up. Fun.