Friday, May 16, 2008

Hot and Bothered

Ok, mainly hot! It's about 95 degrees right now.

Henry is enjoying a popsicle.

The rhododendron is blooming for the first time, ever.

The UPS driver is wearing shorts.
Then again, he's always wearing shorts. I, on the other hand, was blinding people with my unclad, porcelanous, legs when I went out to do errands today. First day I broke down and used the AC in the car as well.

I've been way too busy to blog here lately. I was involved in a long project on the airgun blog, as well as more custom silhouettes (will it ever end?) and some new modelling work on the braille display. Some of the work is open source, you can see some examples here and here. It's fun to be back at that job. Then there's the normal work selling machine tools too!

Here's an interesting telegraphy site.

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