Sunday, July 09, 2006

Time to post some more cute!

I have time to post some more cute pictures.

Gardening with Max.

I'm not really sure what he's trying to express here.

Max & daddy before bedtime.

Henry shows off his cool dance moves.

Henry painting a picture for his new cousin Harold. Like all good artists he has an assistant in Max, to do the filler.

Henry says it's a painting of a rainstorm.

We are off to a potluck adoptive families picnic this late afternoon. The week was uneventful.
For the potluck I am going to make Gye ran mal ee, or rolled egg. I found a few different recipes:
Gye ran mal ee #1
Gye ran mal ee #2
Gye ran mal ee #3
A also tried out Google's translate this page, and while this recipe makes great surrealist poetry in the translated version, I was not able to understand it enough to follow the recipe.

While searching I also came across a new english language Korean food blog.

My other discovery this week was an intriguing tape I bought for 25 cents at the local thrift store. I am too lazy and poor to follow music much, or to buy many CDs, so when I see something cheap and odd I do buy it on the off chance it will lead me into something I like. The tape is "Systeme D" by Les Rita Mitsouko. As is the case with most odd french artists, I love the music and now want to buy all of their CD's (when I can find them used & cheap). The tape is unfortunately decomposing with each play, so I will need to replace it.

Finally, this is the kind of story I find fascinating. I do hope they make a movie of it.


pancake and lulu said...

LOVE the poetry!--particularly:

The hazard line: where does an egg end?

Softly the suitableness

Quantity which it will ask it, Mixes.

Da Man said...

The artist's easel is next on my shopping list at the Goodwill store. Yet, I don't see a smock on Henry or Max?!

Felice Luftschein said...

Dan, I'm the kind of guy who sees every t-shirt as a shop the idea of a smock is foreign to me. We tried using bibs for eating as well but found it was just another thing to wash. A smock won't protect the clothes if the kids are flinging paint around, or from spills. You can do the heftly-bag with a hole cut in the end smock though, that should work. That or making them paint naked.

The key is to not care what the kids clothes look like.