Sunday, September 17, 2006

Well here are some more pictures from my parents visit.

I express an emotion while opening a card.

Max shows us where his nose is.

Here's a cake picture for James, even if Felice hates it.

Total chaos while arranging a family picture. I like this better anyway.

Henry says, "No More Pictures!"

Max explores the fascinating world of geometry with a pair of tongs.

Henry peels and cores an apple. For pie. Mmmm. pie....

I added a bunch more pictures to the (insane) Continostat page. Not much left to do other than organize, muse and track down a couple of journal articles at the OSU library.

I have been looking for a better computer chair, since it seems that all I do is sit all day. Any recommendations? I could use a good chair at a cheap price. While surfing I found this anti-Aeron page.

Via Boing-Boing, comes this list of exclaimations used by Captain Haddock.

Here is a French model engineering site.

The Sightseer's guide to Engineering.

Solid Edge now has a free 2D drafting program.

Another great timewaster from Google. (via a Chequer Board of Nights and Days)


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Your boys are super cute.
take care, Lin

Da Man said...

Great looking cake (carrot?)...and a fun party, too!

Da Man said...

And a Happy 40th Birthday!

Felice Luftschein said...

Yes James, it was a carrot cake, although without nuts as Felice hates most nuts (except me).

The gigantic cake was entirely devoured in 4 days, supplemented as it was by the apple pie.

Miss Cellania said...

Happy belated birthday, youngun. I can picture the scene right now... "Nick, could you PLEASE show SOME emotion when I take your picture?"