Sunday, January 27, 2008

Henry Is Still Taking Pictures

Found that Henry had 120 pics on his camera card, here's a few to peruse. As always, pictures taken by Henry and laconic comments by Henry.

Carrier truck and tow truck.

Me, screaming.



You can just call yourself Nick.

Fidel on the couch, looking at me, looking at the camera.


Mommy and Max and Daddy, Nick and Max and Felice.

Two X's, bottom of the table.

Juice, just juice, three juices.

Refrigerator, the high one, what's that called?

1 comment:

Lizard said...

I love Henry's pics and his captions always crack me up. Makes me feel like I have a teeny window into the very curious and puzzling head of a 5 year old, which is nice since I am living with one.

Hey! I am into the Chinese character for Love pendant, but I want earrings! I assume you can do earrings, too...