Saturday, February 02, 2008

George's Whatzit and Brackets Under a Tarp

So this is what George brought over to Open Shop on Thursday. I know what it is, but do you?

It's steel.

It has parts.

Internal parts.

The back end.

Today our friend Maria came over with her son, Hunter. She needed me to fix her old treadmill so she could give it to her mother. I decided that it was easier to work on it it in the bed of her truck, under the tarp she had wrapped around it, around than to drag it in. That's why the pictures are so blue.
It was raining, which is why the tarp stayed on. I'm still a bit damp.

The bad bracket. Both sides needed replacement.

The bracket had fractured.

The new bracket, lovingly crafted from rusty angle iron.

You can see the vibration mount it fastens to.

I used lock washers, not the best choice, but I am out of 1/4"-20 nyloc nuts. Maria was pleased.

Hunter and Henry played while I worked.

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Rob Tsou said...

I'm not proud. What's the whatzit?