Friday, February 15, 2008

Industrial Jewelry, Thrift Store Score and Family Fish Dealing

Might as well get this out to you for the weekend...It's been lovely outside lately, sunny and warm. Henry and I walked around Corvallis today soaking in the vitamin D and generally enjoying the crisp, clean air.

80/20 Aluminum t-slot extrusions.

I looked at them on end and thought, "why not make jewelry?"

I walked around town with Henry today and found this lovely Ulmia rabbet plane at the thrift store for $5.00! While I should sell it on Ebay, likely I'll just keep it in my plane collection.

My mother emailed Max with a picture of this blotter:
Dear Max, remember yesterday when you talked to me on the telephone? You said that you liked fish. I reminded your daddy that your great-grandfather (his grandfather Munden Allan) sold fish to supermarkets in Canada. Here is one of his advertisements. The business was his father's, and he worked with him. This fishing picture is on a blotter (which I used to dry the ink from my letters). Ask your mommy or daddy about blotters.

One beautiful link for Friday:
The Vibrating Lever 1/2 Trunk Steam Engine of the U.S.S.Monitor

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