Friday, July 01, 2005


Well I'm waiting for a customer to show up here, the third visitor to the shop this week. It's fun to show people things and help them out, but I am (as usual, mom) a bit tired today.
Henry is dreaming a lot now, and often shouting things in his sleep. Two nights ago he started shouting "Jump! Jump! Jump!" in the middle of the night, and jump we did. If we put a time lapse camera on him in the night you would see him orbiting all around the bed, and orbiting around his own center. The boy is active, and I think he burns more calories as he sleeps than when awake.
The neighbors are having a yard sale and I was compelled by the imp of perversity to buy a $20.00 dulcimer. I used to play the dulcimer a bit in my hippy(loser) days, and I figured it's a good instrument for a kid, as it plays in tune, just like my other fave kid instrument, the harmonica. A kid will make noise when given any instrument, but it's best if the noise is not dissonant. I hope I can maintain a no pennywhistly/recorder/violin rule as Henry and the sibling grow up.
Speaking of the sibling and of waiting, we found out that our paperwork is delayed by a spelling error, not of our making. The agency tells us not to worry, that it will all get ironed out, but we'd like to start being a two carseat family before Felice and I get put in an old age home.


Miss Cellania said...

OK Nick, is it a homemade dulcimer, or a commercial type? While I was in college and homesick, my Dad made me one, totally hand carved. He had never made any musical instruments before, but he was a woodworker. He gave me the second one, since he wasn't happy with the prototype. It was a total surprise, and one of my most cherished possessions. Needs new strings, though.

Felice Luftschein said...

It looks home made. It's a little crude but what I at first assumed was plywood turns out to be solid wood, probably spruce for the top and some hardwood for the body and back. It needs two strings...