Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Snow, Birthday and Now Sickness

Well it's been a fun few weeks.

Henry plays with lego.

Felice, Henry and Max enjoy the snow. It snowed about 2 inches, and lasted about a day.

Max's first snowball.

Henry turned 4, Max helped blow out the candles. We had a bunch of kids over who ran around like maniacs.

Max enjoys chocolate cake.

Nebiy has a levitating hat.

Now we all have colds, except Henry. Felice has the worst of it as she is working all her weekends at the Holiday market, and I have it nominally better taking care of the kids. Max does not like being sick and has been unpleasant about it - think a sick terrible twos and you get the idea. We think everyone may be on the mend now, although the end is not yet in sight.

The snow was wonderful, it is rare for snow to come so early and it fell in the middle of the week which worked out schedule-wise for us. The boys built a snowman (a somewhat dirty and leaf encrusted snowman) and I had fun pelting Henry with snowballs.

Henry's party was a success, and we now have even more toys underfoot.

Hugh Putnam, who ran the summer camp (South Pond Cabins) I went to as a child, has died and I found his obituary interesting. He was the kind of guy who always made you feel lazy, as he was always working hard chopping wood and doing chores.

For some reason I was surprised to learn that Leslie Charteris , author of the Saint, was 1/2 chinese, enough that the Chinese exclusion act applied to him when he tried to get US residence.

For you WW2 buffs, the Defense of Britain project.

South Bend lathe history.

Kinematic Models for Design Library

David laserscanner, open source 3D laser scanning. I need to get a laser now.

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Da Man said...

Happy Birthday to Henry! And get better soon!