Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New Dies, Architecture and Loads of Links

I've made some new dies.

The Alto Clef

Bass Clef and Angstrom

Resistor, Transformer and Diode

Henry built this green tower, both Felice and I didn't notice until he pointed it out. We have no idea how he built it so tall.

Notice the juxtaposition with The Fountainhead on TV...

Now a slew of links:
I just finished There Are No Electrons: Electronics for Earthlings Which went a long way in teaching me some of the basics of electronics. A great informal primer for scatterbrains like me.
I think I'll buy his Calculus for Cats next.

How to use a french press

Tons of manufacturing videos

Free Pascal

Chris and Shelley's pig cam

Pictures from the Ascot (UK) model engineering show

A civics quiz (I got a 78%)

Ever lose your "Show Desktop" icon? I did, Here's how to get it back...

McLean Slides (neat little CNC lathes)

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