Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tiny Car Mechanic

Sorry for not posting recently, we have many family members visiting all at once, many cute pics to post once they have departed.

Henry had a Hot Wheel car with a bent I fixed it. Don't do this if the Hot Wheel is rare or can even clean it up and paint it nice while it's apart, but we just wanted it rolling again.

It won't roll like that...

Clamped in the vise

Rivets drilled out

Body separated

Axles are held in tightly by the die cast chassis.

Filing, scraping and chiselling the minimum amount of metal to free the axles. Henry took this pic.

The axle removed...

The bent axle, soon straightened with pliers.

Squeezing the plastic wheel hub all 'round to tighten up the hole. This makes it less wobbly.

Drilling to tap #2-56 where the rivets used to be (the rivets are actually part of the body casting, thus drilling them makes them go away...)


Staking the axles back in place by smooshing the metal with a chisel.

Two small screws and it's back together.

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