Sunday, April 20, 2008

Henry's Snail House

Henry and Max have been collecting insects and snails lately. To protect and house his latest terrestrial snail, Henry built this snail house out of the Legos we bought on Friday.

Henry later released the snail outside. Quite a wonderful repurposing of some Wild West and City legos. It would have been made with Star Wars legos as well, but I discovered that the value of an unopened Mos Eisley Cantina set on Ebay is around $ that will get sold to buy other, less expensive toys (I paid $5, score!). I hope that it will teach Henry not to become a degenerate collector, and to value function over form. Or something like that.

I did a bunch of work in the shop, building an airgun spring compressor (to be blogged later this week over on the airgun blog). I think these spirals of plastic are pleasing to the eye.

We went to Home Depot yesterday to buy an electric stapler, staples, a new cordless driver and some screws. The Driver is compact, 12V Lithium, and will drive 3" screws with no problems. My old cordless drill's batteries are dying, and this drill was cheaper than the cost of two new batteries.

I bought the wrong staples for the Arrow ET2025D Electric Staple + Nail Gun which annoys me to no end. While the box calls out the specific product numbers for the staples it accepts, no where does it say "Uses T20 and T25 Staples". So I bought T50 staples. Off to the hardware store tomorrow.

Felice wanted me to take a picture of her with the boys. Henry was uncooperative.

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