Saturday, August 02, 2008

Shop Vac Flange for the Sand Blast Cabinet

Chris needed a flange that would allow him to mount a shop vac hose on his Horrible Freight sand blast cabinet. Without a vacuum sand was getting everywhere, to the point that a pair of contact lenses were ruined. Not wishing to have actual eye surgery, he came over and we whipped up an adapter flange.

Chris wisely controlled the camera. Here I am drilling a 1" hole in a block of UHMW. Notice my ponytail is tucked into my shirt.

The block is a 3" x 3" piece sawn from a chunk I had laying around.

Boring out the hole to be a push fit on the vacuum hose.

The camera batteries died midway through, so you don't get to experience the excitement of turning down to produce the flange. Here it is flipped in the chuck to face the other side flat, once we got new batteries in the camera

All done! Chris is going to counterbore for some screw holes, then screw and silicone seal it to the blast cabinet.
He's also sealed every seam on the cabinet with silicone as well. That thing leaked like a sieve.

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