Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Turret Syndrome

Dennis wanted me to make 3 more sets of bushings for him , 18 bushings in total. I thought I'd try using the turret attachment for my South Bend 10K.

Three drill chucks, with the center drill, a 1/4" and a 7/16" drill. I spot the hole, drill through with the 1/4" and enlarge to 7/16".

If I wasn't using the turret I would have had to tighten a drill chuck 54 times and loosen 54 times. The turret doesn't have as much mechanical pressure as the screw feed tailstock, so it was a tiny bit slower when actually drilling, but overall it was faster and easier.
Why don't I just drill with the 7/16"? I found that it was faster to drill through at a higher speed with the 1/4" bit, then follow with the 7/16" than it would be if I slowed the spindle down and drilled with the 7/16" bit only. And I'd still have to center drill, lathes being what they are.

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