Saturday, February 21, 2009

Library Sale and Pathetic Cake

This is the weekend of the annual Friends of the Library Book Sale at the Benton County fairgrounds. It is my favorite event. You never know what you'll find.

Waiting in line. I usually arrive about an hour before it opens on Friday evening.

Mayhem. This year was the first time I noticed crews of day laborers scanning books with a handheld gizmo, scooping up books based on value for resale. It's a controversial practice. A friend who is an old school book hunter hates them but he's at an advantage. Technology can't compete with a lifetime of knowledge.

I managed to find a box of gun books right off the bat.

The rest of Friday's haul.

Saturday has lower prices, so we all went and bought some more. The kids have a similarly sized stack of new books.

Last night Felice finally felt well enough to have her birthday cake. Max decided to look cute.

44! My old lady.

Henry and Max jostled for position.

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Da Man said...

Happy Birthday (late) Felice! I just turned 45 and Jenny 41! Getting old stinks.