Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter and Legos

Today I went out with the boys and we stopped in at Goodwill. I found the Lego Crystal Sweeper kit for $7.00. It was missing one guy and a couple of tiny pieces. Lego gets upwards of $70.00 for it. I put it together with Henry this afternoon. Why are Lego kits so damn expensive? Also the toy selection at most area thrift stores has shrunk horribly under the weight of the impending CPSIA legislation. It's harder and harder to find good deals like this. Anyway, Henry wanted that kit and now he has it!

Boy playing happily.

Really? $70.00?

Felice dyed eggs with the kids before Easter. Henry likes eggs.

Then they made Matzoh ball soup.

Jillian, Olivia and Max hunt for eggs.

Aleaha found one!

That afternoon we went over to another egg hunt. Lauren and Max relaxed a bit.


tracey said...

you know, there really is nothing better than Goodwill for fun shopping and finding wonderful things..lord knows my house is testimony to that! I once got two paper grocery bags full of legos for 4.00, a friend had asked me to keep an eye out and like three days later, there they were. I love it!!

Mimi-n-Moe's Mom said...

goodwill rocks. i think their prices are far more reasonable than the store. $70 seems like a huge rip-off.
you can contact lego and get replacement parts for the ones you are missing. it will probably cost more than you paid for the set at goodwill!
nice pictures. the boys have grown up so much since i first started following you guys' blogs!