Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fixing Mike's Favorite Glasses

My friend Mike gave Felice his favorite pair of glasses when he visited her at the market on Saturday. This was smart of him as normally I'll chew my own leg off to escape someone asking me to do repairs. So I was presented with a fait accompli.
He emailed me "As I mentioned to Felice I'm not expecting artistry here. They are old and battered already. But I still use them for driving. I'll owe you one."
The "owe you one" is why I went ahead as Mike is a book addiction enabler.

The broken glasses.

If you ever have someone repair your glasses, do them a favor and clean them first. Nasty.

I removed the temples, nose pieces and lenses.
Then I filed off the old solder and made a nice clean spot to rejoin them.

Wha??? I don't have any heat sink compound (note to self, order some heat sink) so I used the old trick of a potato.

As you can see the potato is ready to eat. I used Easy Flo 56% (?) solder just in case the heat sink failed.

Cleaned up. The join shifted slightly (as with most of my skills, I'm not an expert at soldering) but is connected firmly. We'll see how long it lasts in Mike's rough and ready lifestyle.

All done.

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