Saturday, September 05, 2009

Telescoping Magnetic Pickup

I threw an old set of TV rabbit ears in the trash.

Then I took it out of the trash.

I peeled off the felt on the bottom and removed the steel plate.

A screw holds each antenna on.

I drilled out the rivet head.

Then punched out the rivet.

Leaving me with one telescoping antenna.

I counterbored a piece of steel to accept a magnet.

And drilled the other end to be a slip fit over the antenna end.

The parts...

Epoxied together. Now I have a slightly cumbersome telescoping magnetic pickup just like one that you could buy at the dollar store.


Tracey said...

I'm telling you, if there ever is a huge calamity, like say on the level of "Mad Max" I am so coming to live by will be able to make ANYTHING!!

J said...


Far superior to some philosophaster's 50 pages of wheezing on the is-ought problem (see Sirius for examples of wheezebagism).

And CS Peirce would most likely approve

Noll said...

Well done! I too enjoy solving problems for no real reason (namely money) like this: