Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Long Overdue

Apologies for such light posting, we've been busy with everything.After Christmas we thought we'd take time off but work continued, as well as various projects. Now work has slowed slightly which makes us worry and work harder, so we basically just work all the time. Could be worse and we're not complaining!

One project was to get a bunk bed for the kids. We ordered one off of Amazon.

They key to success in flat pack construction is to separate every component including hardware so it's easy to find.

Max tests the ladder.

The kids room is too small to take a picture of the whole bed. The boys love it and get to sleep slightly faster.

George is almost done with his 5 cylinder model aircraft engine. He brought it over to shop night.

He's a master machinist.

Tiny details like bronze bushes for the rocker pivots.

I bought this box of misc wrenches for $1.00 at an estate sale, mostly for the ignition wrenches as I have a strange compulsion about them.

The hex keys in masking tape are actually Bristol wrenches. I didn't have any until now, not that I needed them.

In any case I'll try and take more pics of the kids and I'm working on some interesting projects.

I'm waiting for the software CD to come for a QX5 microscope I picked up at the thrift store the other day. Why they don't just have the software downloadable is beyond me. $5.00 for the disk and $5.00 shipping...They did have the drivers so I could test that it worked, at least.

One of my projects was loading Puppy Linux on my old Thinkpad. It's now out in the barn so I can listen to Pandora, podcasts and BBC radio. Emboldened I loaded Ubuntu on an old desktop, it works but won't recognize the wireless card. So that project has stalled. I am not an expert or even enthusiast of Linux but it can be handy. I came upon a neat site about PC power connectors while I was breathing life into the desktop.


blake said...

THe radial engine is breathtaking. Is it supposed to actually work?

Nick Carter said...

Yes, it will work once George is finished. If you Google "model radial engine" you'll see there are a bunch of guys who have built scale model radials. Quite a project...