Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Admit I Have No Power Over My Addiction

After months of striving to avoid the OSU surplus sale, I’ve hit it twice in three weeks.
Two weeks ago I went with Max (after the Maker Festival) and they had an Easter deal where you would pick an easter egg and get a discount coupon. Max picked a 25% off one. I found a Dell Optiplex 745 “for parts” at $9 after the discount. Opened up the case and the PSU had a tag that said “bad power supply”. I replaced the power supply, stuck in some ram, a HD and upgraded the processor with a 2.2Ghz C2D I had laying around, fired right up. Like I needed another PC.
I then spied this:DSC02906
It’s an Optical Chopper controller. I don’t have an Optical Chopper.* See what it is here (.pdf). It was $4.00 and has a neat LED display and multi-turn locking potentiometer I might use for another project. Or I’ll let it sit in my junk box.
*( Actually I do have an optical chopper, but it's broken and not the same make. Guess where I bought it? Yeah, several years ago at the OSU sale)
A neat voltage selector (see the manual for details).

Full of parts.
I love pictures of circuit boards.
Today I hit it again…DSC02913
$10 for a Datavac with a bunch of extra filters. It is the Cadillac of computer vacuums.
This was $6.00 and I couldn’t resist. Here’s their archived website as they seem to no longer exist. I could really use the software or a manual if anyone has one.
Anyway I have a feeling akin to that when you eat too many potato chips, and need to not go every week or the house will fill up with all sorts of interesting and/or useless items.

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